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Cardiff Summer Festival 2017 participants

Phil Baker Reflective Images 5 to 19 August
Alaina Banfield Banfield Designs 5 to 12 August
Jennie Barton GlassworksDesign 5 to 12 August
Jamie Beviss GiftGlass 5 to 19 August
Noa Blok NOA Jewellery 5 to 19 August
Alexana Blott Alexana Blott Sculpture 5 to 12 August
Sarah Byrnes The Silk Shack 13 to 19 August
Mike Cole Tangled Webb 6 to 20 August
Karen Curtis Karen Dawn Curtis 13 to 19 August
Margaret Daniels AR & ML Daniels 5 to 19 August Vintage welsh blankets also used to make cushions, baby blankets, rugs and lavender bags.  Vintage welsh china.
Joanne Edbury Jojo Mosaic 5 to12 August
Elena Floarea Lolo's Cake Away 5 to 8 August and 17 to 19 August
Sarah Gale S Gale Ceramics 5 to 12 August
Gareth Giddings Celtic Seren 5 to 19 August
Jamie Harris Vision 21

5 to 19 August
Karen Howells Karen's Crafty Pebbles 13 to 16 August Pebble frames, driftwood signs and candle holders
Sioned Jacques Cardiff Central Library 13 to 19 August Promoting the Summer Reading Challenge
Daniel Jones Slate Shop 5 to 19 August
Matthew Jones 'Ave A Go Ceramics 5 to 19 August 
Penny Jones Penn 17 to 19 August Homemade sweet and spicy treats. Gourmet pies, tarts and quiche
Julia Millington Welsh Coast Pebble Craft

5 to 12 August
Mandy Morgan Garth Mountain Silver 5 to 12 August
Paul Morgan Uneek Workshop 6 to 20 August Creative woodwork using reclaimed and local hardwoods
John Phillips Bethan John 5 to 19 August Silver and gemstone jewellery. Fused glass work including lamps, clocks, bowls and platters
Becki Rawle Bella Rock 9 to 12 August
Mati Roberts Matico 13 to 16 August Textiles, lampshades, cushions and fabric jewellery
Neal & June Shipp Celtic Country Wines 5 to 19 August
Joy Sowden and Adrian Wilson Coinwear 5to 19 August
Susan Taylor Susan Taylor Design

13 to 19 August
Lauren Thomas Candy Jar Books

13 to 19 August
Laura Matson-Thomas Koko Kitchen

5 to 19 August
Amanda Treverrow Wire Art and Jewellery Delights 5 to 12 August
Julie Ward Wild Sage Co 13 to 19 August
Anna Williams Anna Artwork 5 to 12 August
Byron Williams Cheekybucket UK 6 to 20 August
Joanne Williams Mrs Jo Bangles 13 to 19 August
Jacqueline Willmott JaxBee Crafts 5 to 19 August Handmade animal doorstops, birds, JaxBee dolls and bunnies, lavender hearts, owls and cats
Saifon Yoothapong Designer Florist

5 to 19 August
An Young Castell Apothecary

5 to 12 August
Saifon Yoothapong Designer Florist

5 to 19 August