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Digwyddiadau o safon -  The standard in events
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About Us


Craft*folK was established in 1994 by Howard Potter and is dedicated to supporting genuine artists and crafts people who are looking to promote their work and actively encourage “in action” demonstrations to show off these skills.  Individually produced food and drink displays are also welcome to add to the vibrant atmosphere of our contemporary events where a real passion for tradition sometimes comes with a modern twist!


With the wealth of knowledge gleaned  from organising and participating in events for many years we are also happy to advise any new, up and coming artists or crafts people as having the courage to sell your work to customers, other than friends and family, can be very daunting and additional encouragement is sometimes needed. Please contact us for more information.

A Power Point Presentation is also available on request, with various tips on trading from our stalls.



General Information


Our events are outdoors and apart from our City Centre events, heavy duty canvas stalls are used as below. They are usually built in a double configuration but to house two exhibitors, with a privacy divider. Your trading space is 2.5m x 2.5m (8ft x 8ft). If more space is needed they can also be booked as a double stall with a trading space of 5m x 2.5m (16ft x 8ft).  Up to two tables, either 5ft or 6ft, are available, or a fitted counter can be provided with two foot of space to the rear of your stall and two foot of space for your customers to the front of the stall.  However, due to the locations of the stalls at various events it may not be possible to locate you on the end of a run of where you can access your stall from the rear.  This will mean that you will have to crawl under your counter to gain access to the back of your stall.  If this presents a problem then we would suggest the table option.






Wooden stalls, as below, are provided at our Spring, Summer and Christmas events in Cardiff City Centre. They have two fully opening bi-fold doors under an additional 2ft porch for extra trading space.  These stalls all have a pitched roof, back and sides which can also be used for additional display purposes, pictures/dimensions are available on request.  Up to two tables, either 5ft or 6ft are available but fitted counters are not an option in our wooden stalls.



For all events, stock may be left overnight at your own risk, as security will be operating. 
At the majority of our events you should be able to get your vehicle close to your stall for unloading/loading. Specific information will either be noted on our application forms or contained in the setting up information.

Detailed setting up information will be sent prior to the event and will cover directions, maps, opening times, vehicle arrival and departure etc.  Your stall position is at our discretion and you will be advised of your location when you arrive on site by a member of staff.   

Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000 is required in order to participate.

Agreement of Craft*folK Terms and Conditions and completion of Fire Risk Assessment, Event Risk Assessment, Criteria and Data Protection forms for 2024 are also required in order to participate.

Craft*folK reserves the right to refuse any booking whatsoever and Craft*folK further reserves the right to cancel any booking which may have been accepted, without any reason being given or discussions entered into. 

Participation and stall allocation at Craft*folK events is at our discretion, in conjunction with Local Authorities. To ensure that our events are as diverse, fresh and unique as possible each application will be assessed on an individual basis.  Whilst exclusivity of goods cannot be guaranteed we do ensure that same or similar crafts are kept to a minimum to ensure that all exhibitors at our events have the same trading opportunities.  This ratio will depend upon the number of stalls we are able to build at each of our events.

Before Covid we made the decision to limit those exhibitors with multiple crafts, or those who had diversified away from their core craft.  This decision was put on hold as we recognised that trading with Covid would be hard enough as everyone was struggling in order to make a living.

Planning our stall allocations can be complex, especially when some exhibitors have numerous crafts. Although the marketplace is still volatile, this year we will be looking at the applications for each event and if accepted the following may apply:

·   Those exhibitors who apply with multiple crafts, have expanded and/or diversified on their core craft, or have commissioned their work to be printed onto or made into a variety of products may be asked to exclude some of them if it increases the number of specific crafts to a level that dilutes the market.  This is unfair to the livelihood of those exhibitors with just one main craft, and in turn does not give visitors the eclectic selection of different crafts.

·   If we accept applications from exhibitors with multiple crafts, have expanded and/or diversified on their core craft, or have commissioned their work to be printed onto or made into a variety of products whilst you will not be asked to exclude any of them, as your work will not dilute the market, your core craft will be the deciding factor when planning our stall allocation.  This means that if your core craft is wood, for example, but you also make wooden earrings then we cannot guarantee that you will be sited away from an exhibitor with just jewellery.  

We look forward to your participation in 2024.  Please don’t hesitate to ring us for a chat if you need any advice or have any additional queries.



Digwyddiadau o safon  -  The standard in events

Please note: all the above details are correct at the time of publication. Events may be subject to change, please check here before travelling.
Photographers may be present at events. Anyone attending may be photographed and used in future publicity material.

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