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Taking Part in 2024

Our 2024 Request for Application Forms can be downloaded here in both Word and PDF formats. You can just tick the events you would like to find out more information about and they will be sent to you, on receipt of your completed form, together with our standard documentation as explained below. 


As we do not publish our stall rentals here, requesting our application forms is not a commitment to participate from either party, but they will give you the individual event costs together with more information on the event itself.  This should then allow you to decide if you wish to apply to take part. 


At the top of our forms we state that the event is still subject to contract - this is because when we publish our dates not all permissions are in place, or negotiations completed, with regard to the ground rent payable or the space allocated to us. 


As a new exhibitor please read our participation criteria found at the bottom of this page as our events are only open to exhibitors with their own work.


Details on the canvas and wooden stalls we provide can be found on our About Us page.




For those exhibitors who are new to Craft*folK  -  we are a very small, independent company now in our 30th year organising art and craft events.  There are only a few of us working full time, but we do need a fair number of part time staff when building and dismantling our stalls and staffing our events.  Unlike some event organisers we know a lot of our exhibitors personally, more like a big family, and that is how we like to operate as we feel that the personal touch is important and hopefully sets us apart.  We don't stick to conventional office hours so don't be surprised if we reply to your email late at night!  Our mantra is we work when you are.

Booking Information

On receipt of the 2024 Request for Application Forms, all requested forms will be emailed to you in Word format so that they can be completed and returned to us by email, as booking deposits are not required. PDF copies are also available on request.


With regard to the Cardiff Christmas Market  -  if your application is successful then a deposit of £100 will be payable immediately on confirmation of participation.  Please note that this year Arts and Crafts and Food and  Drink have been split into three forms, so please ensure that you ask for the correct one that applies to you.  Each event is costed on a stand-alone basis and are all subject to a ground rent fee, increased annually, payable to the various authorities we work with. Your stall rental will cover the provision of either a canvas or wooden stall, up to two tables, electricity (if available) and overnight security so that you do not have tom set up and take down each day of the event. We also provide our own staff to steward each event.

Our 2024 Terms & Conditions will be sent to you with your first booking form/s for your information and retention, together with the following forms: 

Agreement to Abide by our Terms & Conditions
Fire Risk Assessment
Event Risk Assessment
Criteria Form
General Data Protection Regulation Form


These forms are all in word format, their completion is compulsory, and by returning them to us from your email address you do so warrant that you have agreed to the terms as set out on the application form/s, the Agreement to Abide by our Terms and Conditions, Fire Risk Assessment, Event Risk Assessment and Criteria documentation.  PDF copies of all forms are available on request.


We will confirm, by email, the initial receipt of your application form/s. If you have not heard from us, say two weeks after submitting your application forms, please get in touch with us as we may not have received them. 


We will then advise you by email if your application has been successful or not.  Please be patient as the decision on your participation may not be immediate and will be at our discretion, as we are committed to ensure that each event offers the best possible variety of arts and crafts from both existing and new exhibitors. 

Craft*folK reserves the right to refuse any booking whatsoever and Craft*folK further reserves the right to cancel any booking which may have been accepted, without any reason being given or discussions entered into. 

Participation and stall allocation at Craft*folK events is at our discretion, in conjunction with Local Authorities. To ensure that our events are as diverse, fresh and unique as possible each application will be assessed on an individual basis. 

Once accepted, please ensure that you keep a copy of all the application forms you have submitted in order to keep a record of the payments you have made to us as we do not provide receipts. It is your responsibility to forward any outstanding balances by the required date/s listed on the application forms.  Failure to adhere to this will mean that your booking may be cancelled.

Competing Crafts

Whilst exclusivity of goods cannot be guaranteed we try our utmost to ensure that the number of same/similar crafts is limited. This ratio will depend upon the number of stalls we are able to build at each of our events.

Before Covid we made the decision to limit those exhibitors with multiple crafts, or those who had diversified away from their core craft.  This decision was put on hold as we recognised that trading with Covid would be hard enough as everyone was struggling in order to make a living.

Planning our stall allocations can be complex, especially when some exhibitors have numerous crafts. Although the marketplace is still volatile, this year we will be looking at the applications for each event and if accepted the following may apply:

   Those exhibitors who apply with multiple crafts, have expanded and/or diversified on their core craft, or have commissioned their work to be printed onto or made into a variety of products may be asked to exclude some of them if it increases the number of specific crafts to a level that dilutes the market.  This is unfair to the livelihood of those exhibitors with just one main craft, and in turn does not give visitors the eclectic selection of different crafts.

   If we accept applications from exhibitors with multiple crafts, have expanded and/or diversified on their core craft, or have commissioned their work to be printed onto or made into a variety of products whilst you will not be asked to exclude any of them, as your work will not dilute the market, your core craft will be the deciding factor when planning our stall allocation.  This means that if your core craft is wood, for example, but you also make wooden earrings then we cannot guarantee that you will be sited away from an exhibitor with just jewellery.  


With Craft*folK you can:


Sell directly to the customer and benefit from promoting your business further.  In order to help advertise your business and to bring an added dimension to the events we actively encourage art, craft and food demonstrations and if the venue and space allow, free demonstration stalls (to be used alongside an already booked stall) may also be available at our discretion.

Request attending for less than the full duration of the dates shown on the Booking Forms. It is normal procedure to attend for the full duration, for example, the full three days, the full week, etc, but we may be able to link you up with another potential participant who also requires reduced participation.

New exhibitors with Craft*folK can:

Test the market with our offer of low cost Taster Stalls, available at our Spring, Summer and Christmas events in Cardiff City Centre.  These events are also split into shorter trading periods but participation would be reliant on the remaining period/s also being booked by other exhibitors, to ensure full occupancy.  Whilst it is not our general practice, under certain circumstances at our discretion, we may also consider applications if you wish to share a stall with a fellow maker.  It is not as daunting as you may imagine!  Please contact us for a leaflet with information on costs and trading periods providing full details of your craft, to ensure you fulfil our participation criteria, together with images or a link where they can be viewed on line.  There is also a PowerPoint Presentation available on request with advice on stall layout, lighting, signage etc.

Participation Criteria

Art, Craft, Food and Beverages 

Craft*folK Criteria

  1. All products must be created/made by the exhibitor/s and/or family member/s with a strong measure of artistic integrity and individuality in their work.

  2. If the exhibitor has altered, adapted or assembled the products then there must be a very high "added value" to the artistic content of the finished article in order to justify participation

  3. If specifically designed by, but not made by, the exhibitor then there must be a significantly high amount of collaboration between designer and fabricator in order to justify participation

Criteria Notes:

  • If you are applying to take part in a Taster Stall then Point 3 is not applicable. In order to be considered only Points 1 and/or 2 will apply.
  • Priority will always be given to those exhibitors who make their own products as we are committed to ensuring the perpetuation of handmade work.
  • To maintain the quality of products you may be asked to clarify these criteria. 
  • Our decision with regards to acceptance is final.

Site visits to workshops/premises may be arranged to verify originality of goods.  If you have any queries regarding the safety of your goods Trading Standards are very helpful.  Please note that they may also inspect your work at events.


All crafts people must also certify that they are carrying adequate Public Liability Insurance of at least £5,000,000 in connection with their attendance and with the sale and usage of their goods and by application do so warrant.

We look forward to your participation in 2024 and please donít hesitate to contact us for a chat, if you need any advice, or have any additional queries.



Safon heb ei ail  -  The standard in events

Please note: all the above details are correct at the time of publication. Events may be subject to change, please check here before travelling.
Photographers may be present at events. Anyone attending may be photographed and used in future publicity material.

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